The escalating violence along the border between the U.S. and Mexico has reached an uncontrollable level.

For veteran Border Patrol agent, Brad Lasker, the blame resides with Lino Reyes, an opportunistic drug and weapons dealer, backed by the Mexican cartels.

Now a member of Lasker’s squad is missing, and he reluctantly accepts the support of ex-military security contractors and a suspicious DEA agent, to eliminate Reyes.

But when the mutilated bodies of livestock and illegals are found in the desert, including some of Reyes’ own crew, Lasker begins to uncover the horrifying truth that hunts those on both sides of the fence.


In the foothills of Southern California, a military research base has reported five casualties in the past two weeks.

CID Special Investigator, Brant Welborn, has one week to conduct a formal inquiry, but the response of the post commander is less than cooperative toward the civilian intrusion.

Forced to comply with strange restrictions that include confinement to his room after nightfall, Welborn struggles to find answers.

Teaming up with an EPA field agent following her own conspiracy theory, the two attempt to expose the truth, and begin to accept the possibility of a cover-up hiding a deadly threat contained within.


With the summer heat came a new wave of violence and another U.S. travel advisory warning of the dangers of visiting the island.

As an officer in the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Tay DeGare saw how the depletion of tourism dollars dispirited the population, turning many to seek more illicit means. Then the killings started.

Someone was fighting back, cruelly dispatching those on the wrong side of the law. Even the most hardened dared to be out after sunset, as stories spread of a dark shape glimpsed amongst the ironwood trees.

Caught between the superstitious beliefs of island elders, and a childhood friend’s ascent into the drug trade, Tay finds herself in a race against time to bring those responsible to justice.